Around the World in 53 Days!

On site activities hourly, Off site activities daily.

In order to provide flexibility to parents, there are a large number of options for summer program listed as follows:


Summer Program at the Main Club

Summer Program at the Hilltop Unit

Entire Summer Program for 11 weeks, 5/29/18- 8/10/18

Summer Program Session 1 for 4 weeks, 5/29/18 -6/22/18

Summer Program Session  2 for 4 weeks, 6/25/18 – 7/20/18

Summer Program Session  3 for 3 weeks, 7/22/18- 8/10/18

Within that, you have the following options:

  • Select the number of days you want your child to attend.  Number of days per week: 5 days per week; 4 days per week; 3 days per week; two days per week.  You do not have to specify which days they come during the week, nor do they have to come the same days each week.
  • Number of children: There are discounts for the 2nd, 3rd, and additional children you register from a single family.

If you do not want to register for a whole month, there are additional options:

  • You can register members for a single week at a time.
  • Purchase only a membership for the 2018 – 2019 member year.
  • Purchase a drop-in by the day.  Your child must have a 2018- 2019 membership.

Summer Registration



Your child MUST have celebrated their 6th birthday before the first day they can become a member and attend the Club.

Below are permissions required for your child to become a member of the Boys & Girls Club of Farmington.  Please read through them and then click on the “I Accept” or “I Decline” boxes below.  If you accept, you will be taken to the registration page and can complete the on-line registration.  If you decline, you will be returned to the Club home page and will have to come to the Club to register your child manually.

  • I give my child permission to join the Boys & Girls Club and participate in its activities.
  • I release the B&GC of responsibility for injury, accident or loss of belongings while my child is participating.
  • I give permission for a licensed physician to perform any medical service deemed necessary in the event that I cannot be reached.
  • I give permission for a B&GC representative to transport my child in said case, when deemed necessary.
  • I permit the B&GC to utilize photographs of my child taken during his/her involvement in B&GC programs and hereby waive
    all rights of compensation.
  • I give my child permission to participate in anonymous Club program evaluation surveys.
  • I have printed and/or read the Parent-Member Handbook and agree to the information contained therein




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