We have volunteer opportunities throughout the Club.  In each program area there are chances to volunteer in many ways.  If you have a special skill or interest you would like to demonstrate to members or teach them to do, we can find you some time and an audience.  Additionally, we often have repair jobs and can always use a few hours from a carpenter or handyman.

Please click here to fill out and send your Volunteer Application to lindal@bgcfarmington.org.
Mentor a Child

Mentoring has been shown to be a very effective way to positively influence children.  With our Be great: Graduate initiative, we are looking for adults to mentor middle school members who are at risk of dropping out of school before graduation.  Your time and input of just one hour each week could change a child’s life.  Contact mariar@bgcfarmington.org to become a mentor.

Become a Partner

The Club has many wonderful partners that have and continue to support the work we do in many different ways.  Please click here to see more on our wonderful partners and get information on how to become a partner yourself.

Make a Donation

There are many different ways to support the Boys & Girls Club of Farmington.   The Donate page lists many different alternatives.


We are happy to accept many different in-kind donations:

  • We always need sofas and couches that are in good condition.
  • A handyman or carpenter to repair broken chairs and tables
  • Occasional office help with preparing mailings
  • Assistance with computer maintenance and upkeep is always helpful

Spread the Word

We are doing great work with community youth everyday both inside our units and in other locations.  Too many people are unaware off all that we do and all that we offer.  We welcome the opportunity to have speakers at different events to talk about the work we do and the results we have seen.

Please contact the Club to schedule a presentation to your organization.

Maria Rodman

Executive Director



Employee Match

Many local companies provide matching funds to organizations if their employees donate or volunteer at no cost to the employee.  We can provide information on how to access these matching funds for your organization which will able you to double the impact of your gift.